November 4, 2019

Casa Freschi La Signora 2017

90pts The Real Review Oct 2019



September 14, 2019

Casa Freschi Ragazzi Pinot Grigio 2018

“Casa Freschi handles the Italian-origin varieties and styles with experience and aplomb, hence no surprise that this textural, grassy, pear-juice-in-mineral-water-feeling wine is an excellent buy. It’s the kind of wine that drinks a charm but feels a bit classy too. A ripper drink.” Most outstanding new releases 93pts Mike Bennie, Wine Business Magazine July/Aug 2019



August 13, 2019

James Halliday Wine Companion 2020


Casa Freschi – 5 star winery

La Signorina 2015 – The tightly spaced vineyard (8000 vines/ha) is made up of riesling, gewurztraminer, chardonnay and pinot gris, a figurative look back 1000+ years to when tight planting and field blends were normal. Riesling and gewurztraminer rule the roost here, giving the wine a strongly textured and flavoured array of lemon juice and zest. Screwcap. 13%alc Rating 95 To 2028 $32 Special value

Nebbiolo 2016 – This is from the 17yr old plantings at vintage. 30 months in used French oak puncheons. Announces the variety immediately on the bouquet with aromas of rose petal, warm red earth and roasted nuts. Flavours of sour cherry and cranberry gently saturate the palate, and then authentically grippy tannins take over to prolong the finish in convincing style. Cork. 13.5%alc Rating 95 To 2032 $55

Ragazzi Pinot Grigio 2018 – 26% barrel fermentation (7%mlf) and 8 months on lees has invested the wine with the complexity one might expect from a gris but not a grigio. Regardless, the result is a high quality wine with a smoky, tangy set of flavours finishing with citrus on the clean, fresh aftertaste. Screwcap. 12%alc Rating 94 To 2020 $28 Special value

Malbec 2016 – Vines planted in ’72 with ‘ancient’ (obviously successful) clones, an enviable resource for winemaker David Freschi who has combined complexity with drinkability here. There’s red and black berries, dark chocolate, coffee and dried herb to be found as you smell and taste, the flavours filling the palate and velvety tannin guiding it to the finish. Delicious. Cork. 14%alc Rating 94 To 2028 $55



May 7, 2019

Casa Freschi Nebbiolo 2015

David Freschi is the son of Italian parents who emigrated from the Veneto region to Australia in the 1950s. His Nebbiolo is a combinatoin of 10 clones on a variety of different rootstocks planted in limestone based soil. The grapes are foot crushed. fermented with wild yeasts and left to age in seasoned French oak puncheons. It’s all strawberry and white pepper on the nose, while the palate features rosehip, red berries and rather tame tannins. There’s a lovely fine, sandy texture on the finish. Drink 2019-2024, 90pts Michaela Morris, “Italy in Australia:setting down roots”, Decanter Magazine June 2019



April 9, 2019

Casa Freschi La Signora 2014

David Freschi keeps delivering quality wines. Take his latest La Signora, made from 70% nebbiolo with the balance equal parts of shiraz and malbec from the Langhorne Creek vineyard, planted in 1972. Nebbiolo was a later planting and, while it may seem too hot for the variety, La Signora proves it’s not. Dried sour cherry, fading rose petal and exotic spices dominate the nose with gently persistent tannins driving the palate. The flavours are classic nebbiolo, with the shiraz and malbec adding depth. Peter Bourne, Best Buys over $30, AGT Wine Magazine Apr/May 2019



February 9, 2019

Casa Freschi Pinot Grigio 2016

Selected for Qantas International Business Class Flights, March/April 2019



February 9, 2019

Casa Freschi Syrah 2016

“Syrah seems aspirational in suggestion as the wine is fuller bodied than medium, richer and riper in fruit character, and shows the headlining regional character of saltbush. It’s lovely though, warm and inviting, luscious but in control. Good, good.” 14%alc. Most outstanding new releases 93pts, Mike Bennie, Wine Business Magazine


February 9, 2019

Casa Freschi Ragazzi Pinot Grigio 2018

Ranked #2 Pinot Grigio in Australia by Huon Hooke, the Real Review



October 17, 2018

Casa Freschi Malbec 2015

Malbec has found a very happy home amongst the dry creek-beds of Langhorne Creek.

Here’s one of the best examples getting around.

This powerhouse wine picked up the highest score in the country for a Malbec taking a massive 96 points from James Halliday. It’s the first time that a straight Malbec has been made a Casa Freschi and it’s a ripper.

Want a big, brooding Malbec for the dinner table? Here it is.

Only 50 dozen made.

A different drop



August 12, 2018

James Halliday Wine Companion 2019

Casa Freschi – 5 star winery

Casa Freschi Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2016
“The selection of small parts of the high density 1.6ha vineyard has given this wine a flying start, the vinification exacting and amplifying the intensity of the fruit. Structure, texture and fruit all combine to provide a palate of great length and urgency.” Screwcap. 13% alc. Rating 96 To 2029 $55. Special value

Casa Freschi Langhorne Creek Malbec 2015
The beautiful hue of crimson rimmed by royal purple underlines the symbiosis between Langhorne Creek and malbec. This sends a silky, sumptuous message of pure plum (damson, blood, satsuma – you name it) flowing across the palate, and no difficult questions about the finish or aftertaste.” Cork. 14% alc. Rating 96 To 2035 $55 Special Value

Casa Freschi Langhorne Creek Nebbiolo 2015
Bombards you with questions from start to finish, but I’m prepared to put my neck on the block here. The perfumed rosewater and spice bouquet sets the path for a finely detailed texture and structure of the palate that cuts across any question about the modest alcohol.” Cork. 13.5% alc. Rating 95 To 2028 $55

Casa Freschi Ragazzi Langhorne Creek Nebbiolo 2016
Well hello Langhorne Creek, despite being the bambino Nebbiolo this has plenty to enjoy. The nose offers bold ripe blackberries, red earth spice, a hint of pepper and bright red cherry. Mouthfeel is rather succulent, combining cooked strawberry with warm dates and soft velvety tannins. It has varietal character, balanced acidity and generosity of flavour – a real crowd pleaser.” Screwcap. 13% alc. Rating 95 To 2026 $28 Special Value

Casa Freschi Ragazzi Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2017
The usual attention to detail has resulted in a complex but perfectly balanced wine with crystal clear varietal expression firmly placed in the driver’s seat. Even with the low alcohol, the flavours are of white peach, nectarine and creamy fig, citrus appearing with the acidity.”  Screwcap. 12.5% alc. Rating 94 To 2029 $28 Special Value





April 17, 2018

Casa Freschi Syrah 2015

“Elegant wine here. Though it says 14 percent on the bottle it feels more svelte, spicy and fine boned, and there’s plenty of flavour packed in. I like the bouquet, redolent of exotic spice, briar, the red berries, and how it replicates in that silky glide across the palate. Lovely wine.” Rating 93, Most outstanding new releases, Mike Bennie WBM Mar/Apr 2018.



February 17, 2018

Casa Freschi Ragazzi Nebbiolo 2016

“If you are looking to get familiar with Australian Nebbiolo, this is the perfect place to start.
Casa Freschi is a leading Australian producer of this tricky variety, making it differing styles, from easy drinking through to a more serious cellaring style.
The Ragazzi is the early drinking, more approachable version of Nebbiolo.
The tannins are soft, the fruit is juicy, everything dialled in for a Neb you can rip the top off and get stuck into. Comfortably one of the better Nebbiolos you will find in the country that doesn’t need a decade to show its best.” A different drop




November 28, 2017

Casa Freschi Nebbiolo 2015

“Casa Freschi is a wine producer to keep an eye on, with a range of wines that seems striking for their high quality and unique-feeling offering. This nebbiolo shows raspberry fruit scents with char and sweet earth characters, while the palate is chewy with ropes of thick tannin, dense with cherry-cola-esque fruit flavours. It should cellar well too.” Rating 93, Most outstanding new releases, Mike Bennie, Wine Business Magazine, Nov/Dec 2017



August 8, 2017

Casa Freschi

5 star winery  James Halliday Wine Companion 2018

Ragazzi Pinot Grigio 2016
“Hand-picked from a dry-grown vineyard at 580m, eight parcels whole-bunch pressed and separately fermented in French oak, aged on lees for 8 months, 10% undergoing mlf. Wines such as this are game changers: I have to concede that pinot gris is a high quality variety when given respect. Its power is explosive, the palate long and intense, citrus and pear entwined with sparkling acidity.” 95pts Drink to 2021, Special value

La Signora 2014
“70% nebbiolo, 15% each of shiraz and malbec, 22 individual parcels separately open-fermented with wild yeast, macerated for 3-4 weeks, matured for 18 months in used French oak. The bouquet is fragrant, spcy cherry/sour cherry expanding in the best way on a long medium-bodied palate. It’s interesting how nebbiolo dominates flavours, the other two varieties contributing more weight.” 95pts, Drink to 2030

Nebbiolo 2014
“21 plantings (10 clones) are destemmed and separately open-fermented with wild yeast, hand-plunged and macerated 2-3 weeks,matured in French oak puncheons for 18 months. Reflects the long experience of Casa Freschi with nebbiolo. Clear, light scarlet, it is super refined, with dusky red cherry/berry on the bouquet and finely structured palate alike. The balance, line and length are all good.” 94pts, Drink to 2029

July 15, 2017

Casa Freschi Chardonnay 2015

“So much love and attention has gone into this wine, grown on the eastern slopes of Mt Lofty, picked in small batches to reflect a range of vine clones, ages and specific blocks, wild yeasts in play, maturation on grape and fermentation solids – all this is reflected in a generous mouthful of ripe melon and peach fruit flavours that mesh tightly in the palate with balancing acidity and texture. The purity here drives a wine of high class.” 95pts,  Tony Love, Top 100 Wines of 2017, Adelaide Advertiser 15 July 2017

April 4, 2017

Casa Freschi La Signora 2014

“A blend of nebbiolo, shiraz and malbec, that spends 18 months in oak, then matured in bottle before release. Great to see a wine being unleashed to market with some mellowing time. It’s strong in bouquet of raspberry-liquorice, rose petals, mulberry, ashy oak. Lavish flavours tempered with silty tannins. Great feel here.” 13.5%alc Top 100 releases, 93pts,  Mike Bennie, Winefront, Mar/Apr 2017

February 8, 2017

Casa Freschi Nebbiolo 2014

“Spends 18 months in French oak, estate grown and made in Langhorne Creek. Really  maxing out on that tar and roses thing. Leather, earth, rose petals/rose water, pickled cherries, gum leaf. Nice start. Fine across the palate, layering sheets of red cherry fruit, dried cranberry, pomegranate acidity and dusty tannins. Quite reserved, restrained and enjoyable as is. You know it will take some time to open up and best left up to another decade for best drinking. Really good Aus nebb.” 93+pts, $55, Drink 2017-2030, Mike Bennie, Winefront, 7 Feb 2017

February 8, 2017

Casa Freschi La Signorina 2014

Trend : White blends
“Trends in wine come and go, and these point to a year ahead of mighty fine drinking….
Look out for an increasing number of multi-varietal whites, often including riesling, pinot gris and gewurztraminer varieties but also many other more esoteric combinations which provide more savoury senses than pure citrus, stone fruit or apple/pear characters. The totality of the wine offers a more gastronomic experience.” 4 stars, $30, Tony Love, Adelaide Advertiser Jan 18, 2017

August 7, 2016

Casa Freschi Chardonnay 2014

“Yields were down 66%. What there is of this wine is smashingly good; put it in your mouth and it’s like bugles on Anzac Day, the fruit singing proud and clear, the oak sure of its role, the trail of flavour out through the finish an enduring reminder. It’s stunning in a way that will never go out of fashion.”  96pts, 12.5%alc, Drink by 2021, $45, James Halliday 2 August 2016

August 7, 2016

Casa Freschi Nebbiolo 2013

“Absolutely varietal. Tight with tannin, splashed with spice, juiced with cranberry and red cherry and complexed with leather, herbs, wood smoke. It’s almost autumnal but mostly fruity, and yet it’s dry by the nth degree.”  94pts, 13.5%alc, Drink by 2030, $55, James Halliday 2 August 2016

August 7, 2016

Casa Freschi Ragazzi Pinot Grigio 2015

“From a vineyard at 560-580m on the steep slopes of Mt Lofty, with two natural amphitheatres; the grapes were hand-picked into 8kg baskets, whole bunch-pressed, the juice gravity fed to used French barriques in the underground winery (eight separate components in eight barrique), wild-fermented and 6 months on lees, 2% mlf. All about texture, not primary fruit, and will appeal to those who know what to expect.”  93pts, 13.0%alc, Drink by 2018, $28, James Halliday 2 August 2016

August 7, 2016

Casa Freschi Ragazzi Chardonnay 2015

“What a labour of love: the single 11yo vineyard is planted on the highest, steepest slopes of Mt Lofty (560-580m), hand-picked, whole bunch-pressed in 10 lots of different clones, rootstocks, slopes and vine age, each in a single barrique, wild fermented and kept on lees for 6 months, 18% mlf. The result is a very complex chardonnay with naked power that runs wild onthe palate, needing more focus and elegance.”  93pts, 13.0%alc, Drink by 2020, $28, James Halliday 2 August 2016

August 2, 2016

Casa Freschi Profondo 2013

“55/24/21% cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and malbec, wild yeast open-fermented, pressed direct to barrel and matured for 21 months in French barriques (5% new). Has the soft, plushy fruit typical of Langhorne Creek, and is very complex, the apparent impact of oak inexplicable (unless a high percentage of 1yo). All of that said, there’s plenty to enjoy.”  94pts, 14.0%alc, Drink by 2030, $55, James Halliday 2 August 2016

April 4, 2016

Casa Freschi Chardonnay 2014

93pts Most outstanding new releases, Wine Business Magazine May/June 2016, Mike Bennie

January 26, 2016

Casa Freschi Profondo 2013

Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Malbec blend with some 18 months in oak for good measure. Savoury, deeply flavoured, iodine and graphite-like mineral licks. Finishes with saline acidity. Smooth, full, generous and so well balanced for size. 14% $55 94pts Mike Bennie, Top New Releases, WBM Jan/Feb ’16

January 25, 2016

Casa Freschi Ragazzi Chardonnay 2015

Grown at roughly 570 metres above sea level in the Adelaide Hills. Barrel fermented with a portion (18%) also allowed to go through MLF. It’s a stylish chardonnay. A bit wild but well tamed at the same time. Complexity certainly isn’t in doubt. White peach, lactose and spicy flavours. Velvety texture. Quite lovely. Drink 2916-2020. $28 93pts Campbell Mattinson, Jan ’16

January 5, 2016

Casa Freschi  Nebbiolo 2013

Pale ruby. Pretty Nebbiolo fruit. Fresh and finely perfumed. 16+pts Walter Speller, Italian correspondent for Jancis Robinson.

January 5, 2016

Casa Freschi Ragazzi Nebbiolo 2014

Very pale ruby. Impressive, perfumed, sweet Nebbiolo fruit on the nose and soft strawberry fruit on the palate, bitter-sweet tannins. Displays just enough acidity to keep the tension, but overall well executed. 16pts Walter Speller, Italian correspondent for Jancis Robinson.

December 1, 2015

Casa Freschi Ragazzi Pinot Grigio 2015

Adelaide Hills PG of unusual interest. Apple, almond, earthy and smoky aromas introduce a fleshy wine of impressive depth, with good balance of ripe and savoury flavours. 90/100, Value: good Ralph kyte-Powell, The Melbourne Age/Sydney Morning Herald, Tue 1 Dec 2015.

October 12, 2015

Casa Freschi Nebbioli chosen to represent Australian Nebbiolo at 21st Century Vino, UK

The 2012 Casa Freschi Nebbiolo and 2014 Casa Freschi Ragazzi Nebbiolo were chosen by Jane Faulkner, Chair of the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show and leading Australian wine journalist, and Walter Speller, Italian wine correspondent at, to represent Australian Nebbiolo at the 21st Century Vino tasting at Australia House, London on the 29 September 2015.

The initiative was designed to showcase to a global audience the enormous progress Australian winemakers have made over recent years with Italian varietals, highlighting the diversity and suitability of Australian sites to some of the most exciting grape varieties on the planet.